Giant Ethereum Resource List

These links have helped me set-up Ethereum, create DApps, and understand the platform.

Proof-of-Stake and DEVCon resources are on the nested under this page in the menu on the left.

Please send me any additions or corrections.

Ethereum Frontier Guide GitBook

Gav's TurboEthereum Guide GitBook

Solidity Documentation

Ethereum Builders Guide (unsure when it was last updated)

Ethereum Repos


Ethereum Blog

Ethereum Forum

Ethereum Reddit

Ethereum Gitter Channels for Questions and Help

Ethereum StackExchange


State of DApps List


Etherquake - Quake III on Ethereum (lol)

Ethereum Blockchain Explorers




Ethereum Network Stats Page

Ethereum IDEs and Development/TestingFrameworks

Mix DApp IDE

Truffle Development Framework

Embark Development Framework

Populus Development Framework

Dapple Development Framework

BlockApps Strato

DEVCon1 Panel Video: Ethereum Dapp Development Frameworks Session (Truffle, Embark, Dapple, Populus, BlockApps)

Ethereum Web Tools for Developers

Solidity In-Browser Realtime Compiler/IDE

Ether.Fund Calculator (note, uses crowdsale pricing so USD is not accurate)

Ethereum 1.0 Gas Prices Google Doc

EtherScripter (out-of-date)

Resilience Raw Transaction Broadcaster

DApp Developer Posts/Sites

X Things I Wish I Knew Before Building My First Ethereum Dapp

Datatypes in event parameters (forum post)

Solidity Feature Updates Thread

Tasha at π Tech Lab's Ethereum Page

Ade Duke's Page on Creating a Private Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum Alarm Clock Blog

Coding DApps Resources/Examples

Fivedogit's Ethereum 101 Google Doc

Hooked Web3 Provider Github

EthereumJS Accounts Github

Keythereum Javascript Key Generator GitHub

ethereumjs-tx Github

eth-devchain GitHub - Quick & Dirty Private Chain

Proof-of-Authority Ethereum Blockchain in C++ Client

Using Ethereum as an Event Store Gist

Grove - Pipermerriams' fast, efficient, queryable storage for Ethereum contracts

Ethereum Alarm Clock by Pipermerriam

Ethereum Date/Time Tools by Pipermerriam

ethereum-blockhashes Github - Contract to record hashes of recent and historic blocks

Notareth Notary App GitHub

Coinlock GitHub

Fivedogit Solidity Baby Steps GitHub

Using Dapple Guide

Decentralized cron service in Ethereum

Roboth.web3 Job Market GitHub

Resilience Raw Transaction Broadcaster GitHub

"Programmable Blockchains in Context: Ethereum's Future" - Vinay Gupta

Just Enough Bitcoin for Ethereum

Smart Contracts as new laws? Better handle with care

Demystifying Incentives in the Consensus Computer White Paper

Ethereum Lightning Network and Beyond

Integration of ipfs and Ethereum

The Chain Blog - Explaining Ethereum

Contracts as Code: Q&A with Ethereum on the Future of Contracting


Most of the diagrams Vitalik Buterin has ever created

Towards a New Frontier of the Smart Contracts: Hawk and Enigma